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Video Shows Airplane Passengers Revolting Over Late VIPs →

In a country where the ruling elite are accustomed to a life of privilege - everything from special lounges at airports to evading taxes - call it a case of the 99 percent getting a bit of revenge.

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Detroit Officer Faces New Trial in Girl's 2010 Shooting Death →

A Detroit police officer is preparing to stand trial for the second time in the shooting death of a 7-year-old girl, an incident videotaped by a reality TV crew.

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Social media users help ID suspects in Philadelphia gay-bashing attack, police say →

Police say social media users have provided a key assist in efforts to track down a dozen suspects in a brutal assault on two gay men in Center City Philadelphia.

NFLPA appeals Rice suspension →

The NFL players’ union appealed Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension Tuesday night.

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This Woman From Houston Made A Lot Of People Mad Just By Expressing Herself →

Wait. So it’s good to have brains and beauty but not if you’re Beyonce? Someone explain this.

Cue Janet Mock!

Tumblr user thequeenbey made this GIF set of Janet Mock talking about another backlash against Beyoncé being guilty of being sexy while having a brain and opinions on the VMAs. (The horror!)

Also, in case you’re wondering what the “respectability politics” Janet Mock refers to in that last image (I know I was wondering), I’ll try to sum it up: It’s when one group (usually the majority) tells another group (usually the minority) HOW to be respectable. The criteria is usually/always arbitrary. The way to be respectable is usually achieved when the minority group mimics the majority group enough to be “respectable.” You can read more about that interesting concept here.

Thumbnail image via Thinkstock.

Pork Tenderloin Marsala recipe →

Our recipe for Pork Tenderloin Marsala will fancy up your dinner spread in no time, without breaking your bank. And ‘cause this easy pork dinner is so tender, you won’t even have to set the knives out! Talk about fuss-free, company-fancy!

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If You're A Man Or A Woman Or Have Ever Had A Family, Look At This Chart And Go, 'WTF, America?' →

The people in America are on their way towards equality — at home and at work. The policies though? Notsomuch. This chart (and America’s reality) is what happens when politicians (and policies) fail women, men, and families — and babies! — for 20+ years.

All is not lost! Family-friendlier policies would help! From the White House:

One study estimated that U.S. female labor force participation would be 6.8 percentage points higher if the U.S. had implemented a suite of family-friendly policies.

I first saw this great GIF chart on the lovely Tumblr I Love Charts. This chart was made by Betsey Stevenson, who’s an economist at the White House! There are a lot of other charts about women and men’s ever-shifting roles in education, work, income, family, and more.

Thumbnail image from Robert Valdemar, used under a Creative Commons license.

CUTE VIDEO: Competitive eater versus tiny hamster →

Finally, the match-up we’ve all been waiting for.

You Should See What This Woman Sees Every Day. It's Gorgeous And Really Messed Up. →

Forget all the politicians and corporations and talk shows playing tug-of-war in the “what climate change is and isn’t” game. This woman beats all of them. I’m joining her team.

This video comes from the folks at Amazon Watch. If you feel passionately about the Amazon and health of our climate, please take 30 seconds and sign this petition. It’s important! Oh, and share this too maybe?

Maximize your workout →

Rhonda Murphy has a few tips on how you can maximize your workout without spending much time at the gym.

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