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Beam introduces video chat robot →

Video chat has become common in today’s world, especially in the workplace. Robotics, though, still has a tendency to sound a bit futuristic. Beam, however, has found a way to combine the two, with a robot that sports a video display, allowing for both face-to-face chat and mobility. All of this functionality is controlled by […]

Emmy predictions: who will win, who should win, and who got snubbed →

Here’s who’ll win big and who’ll go home empty handed at the Emmys.

YurBuds introduces Inspire Limited Edition Wireless earbuds →

Earbuds have become commonplace in today’s world — we have grown accustomed to seeing people on the street and on public transit using them. But they can also be a major nuisance. How many times have you moved only to have them ripped out of your ears by the ridiculously long cords which tend to catch […]

Sean Foley no longer Tiger's coach →

Tiger Woods said on his website Monday that he has parted ways with Sean Foley, his teacher for the past four years.

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Monoprice shows off its latest line — monitors →

If you are not familiar with Monoprice, then probably you should be. For those who frequently need computer and home theater cables, which is likely everyone who reads a tech news site like this, it the place to shop. But the company isn’t just about cables anymore. I bought outdoor speakers from it a while […]

Vikings to start Matt Cassel at QB →

The Minnesota Vikings informed players this morning that Matt Cassel will be the starting quarterback over first-round draft pick Teddy Bridgewater.

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iRing the First Motion Control Device for iOs →

iRing is the first motion control device that works with the iPhone and iPad. It will work with various music apps including The Groovemaker and VocalLive  and more. The iRing FX/Control app runs in the background and talks to the other app, meanwhile the iOs camera picks up and follows the motion. The ring has controls […]

ISIS an 'Incredible' Fighting Force, Special Ops Sources Say →

With the Obama White House left reeling from the “savage” slaughter of an American journalist held hostage by ISIS terrorists, military options are being considered against an adversary who officials say is growing in strength and is much more capable t..

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Isonea shows off new medical technology for asthma sufferers →

Jerry Korten, CEO of Isonea stopped by to visit the CES in Las Vegas, where he talked about the company’s latest product. It’s some amazing new medical technology utilized to help those who suffer from asthma. The technology works with modern smartphones and utilizes a sensor that monitor breathing and upload the data to the cloud for […]

Maybe She's Born With It ... Maybe It's Maybelline's Brand New Latex Urethane Rubber Mask →

"Forget concealer, powder, blush or mascara — now you can achieve a look that adheres to the conventional standard of feminine perfection in seconds."

From who else but The Onion?


Just being Silly Online


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